Book Chain Project

Forest Sourcing Tool

Forest Sourcing Tool of the Book Chain Project collects and analyses the origins of the tree fibres used in manufacturing of paper, helping publishers identify responsible forest sources for their books.

The tool’s core is their grading system, a method of analysing and distilling data on the tree species and country of origin of fibre. Thereafter, each forest source is awarded a grade on a three-tier star system where Grade 1 means the forest source is unknown or unwanted, Grade 3 means the forest source is known and responsible and Grade 5 means the forest source is recycled or certified.

The tool is supported by a database which holds technical specifications and details of the pulps and forest sources of the papers they use. It also holds data on CO2 emissions and water use at the paper mill level.

Forest Sourcing Tool users are able to access this information & Publishers are actively using this tool to assist their paper purchasing decisions.

Our following brands are listed and graded on the Book Chain Project & more information on the same can be collected from the Book Chain Project website
  • Supernova, BGPPL Maplitho NSD Premium, Majestic Print & Vector Print (Unit Ballarpur)
  • Imperial C2S Art Papers & Imperial C2S Art Boards (Matt & Gloss), Imperial Pigmented Paper (Unit Bhigwan)