Community Initiatives

Working with Community

Promoting Sustainability at Ground:

  • Bamboo accounts for 10% of the total raw material consumed at Ballarpur Unit. Most of the Bamboo is being sourced from forest auction or through Gramsabha. Bamboo is regarded as NTFP ( Non-timber forest products ) and thus comes under CFR ( Community Forest Source ). The FRA ( Forest Rights Act ) and PESA ( Provisions of the panchayats (Extension to scheduled areas) Act ) are supplementary to each other, since power of ownership over NTFP is given to Gram-sabha in both acts. The FRA also allows for individual rights over MFP ( Minor forest produce ) to be nestled within the rights of the Gram-sabhas.
  • BGPPL has been playing vital role in :
    • Creating awareness among community about rights and responsibilities given under CFR.
    • Creating awareness on procedure to avail rights – i.e. process requirement such as applying for PAN Card, Opening of bank account and managing books of records etc.
  • BGPPL team is also playing a vital role in communicating best practices for enhanced sustainability & sustainable livelihood :
    • By helping in developing Gram-panchayat level micro working plan to ensure sustainability at each step and thus ensure future livelihood.
    • By providing Sustainable harvesting working plan & Sustainable management of bamboo forest.
    • By implementing New Clump Management process which is very critical for future bamboo clum/density and availability. (Clump is used as popular delicacies/food for tribal & unchecked extraction could lead to decline of bamboo availability and thus endangering future livelihood of forest dwellers ), thus creating awareness and providing a massive breakthrough for all stakeholders.
    • By providing frequent training on silvicultural practices thereby improving the health and output per unit area. These trainings include soil mounting, clum management, controlling over grazing etc.
    • BGPPL was the first company to introduce the concept of certifying bamboo forest for sustainability with the help of the Government. Bhambhragarh Forest division was the first bamboo forest in India which was certified under Forest Management Scheme.